Counties require specialized legal services for their day to day operations. That’s what a corporation counsel is for, and it’s a unique service that Wisconsin and other states take part in. But sometimes, the legal experts may want help of their own. Is there outside help for corporation counsels in Wisconsin? Luckily, many law firms specialize in just that – providing corporation counsels with an outside counsel that they can turn to in order to solve the most complex legal issues.

county corporation counsel

What is Corporation Counsel?

Corporation counsel provides representation, legal advice, legal administrative duties, and more to counties across the state. Wisconsin is one of many states that utilizes corporation counsel in its county governments. Think of it as the personal legal resource for county boards, committees, and departments. Elected officials and other county employees can also benefit from the services provided by corporation counsel as well. Corporation counsels work solely for the county and don’t provide representation for the public. 

What Does Outside Counsel Do for a Corporation Counsel?

Sometimes, a corporation counsel will seek help from other law firms to broaden their perspective to provide the county and its citizens with the best solutions. There are countless reasons that a county’s corporation counsel might seek an outside perspective. Maybe their county is facing a unique problem that they know another county has already solved or they’re stuck at a dead-end in a particularly challenging case. Perhaps there’s an all-new challenge and the corporation counsel wants all the help they can get. In those cases, finding a law firm that has already served in other Wisconsin counties can prove to be an invaluable resource. 

Some examples of the services outside counsel provides to a corporation counsel include:

Complex Litigation

We’ve all heard the saying that two heads are better than one, and that’s true for counties facing complex litigation. Whether it’s accusations of fraud or family law, outside counsel can assist with a unique perspective.

County Governance

Sometimes, a county faces a sudden issue like a nursing shortage for its aging population. The county needs to come up with a unique solution without violating Medicaid or Medicare rules, but isn’t familiar in those areas. Hiring an outside counsel with experience in those precise issues can save money and assist the citizens without as many hiccups.

Land Use

Occasionally, zoning questions come up for counties that they’ve never faced before. Will the new zoning affect the economy? Is there a better use for the land? Outside counsel can advise a county on the best ways to use the land to avoid future conflict. 

Employee Relations

County offices often face the same issues as any other business when it comes to employee relations: contract disputes, remote work policies, policy violations, and many more. However, some county departments have specific rules they must follow that differ from a private business. An outside perspective can address employee relations with less conflict to maintain a positive and productive environment for all.

Open Meetings

The purpose of open meetings in Wisconsin is to provide the public with the opportunity to assist with forming public policy. Conducting open meetings can be a challenge, though; with so many perspectives and opinions, things can quickly derail. If your county has faced challenges in the past with public meetings, outside counsel may be able to offer up solutions for conducting a productive meeting.

Outside Corporation Counsel for Wisconsin Counties

Could your Wisconsin county corporation counsel use an outside perspective? For over 25 years, the team at Atolles Law, S.C. has provided our specialized assistance with unique issues faced by county governments. We’re here to help your corporation counsel by coming up with solutions that will set your county up for success. Contact us today to learn more about the county assistance we provide across Wisconsin.