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Commercial and Complex Litigation Services

While no one likes litigation, sometimes it is inevitable.  If you are faced with litigation or have to resort to litigation to preserve your rights, you need a law firm that can accurately assess the merits of the case and guide to you to the most efficient resolution in a cost-effective manner. The experienced litigators at Attolles Law will help you quickly assess the strengths and weaknesses of any potential claims and ensure that you are properly positioned for the best possible outcome.  We work for you and focus on providing value to you. If the time and effort spent on litigation is better spent elsewhere, we will let you know.

wisconsin commercial litigation lawyers

Complex Commercial Litigation

Our litigators have experience in the following areas:

Anti-trust – State and Federal anti-trust laws protect businesses from unfair and unlawful competition.  While all businesses expect competition, the anti-trust laws make sure that your business is not victimized by unfair competition.  K. Scott Wagner has been recognized as one of Milwaukee’s pre-eminent anti-trust lawyers and for more than a decade and in 2022 was designated as Best Lawyer’s anti-trust lawyer of the year for Milwaukee. Read more →

Business Torts – Wisconsin law provides significant protection from unfair competition and other competitive misconduct.  Whether someone is usurping your hard-earned goodwill, using your trade secrets or other confidential business information, or a former employee has misappropriated your  clients unlawfully you need an attorney with experience in protecting the rights of business owners both before and after the misconduct occurs. Read more → 

Class Action Lawsuits – K. Scott Wagner has been appointed as counsel for numerous class actions during his career spread over several types of law.  K. Scott Wagner has been actively involved in recovering millions of dollars as class counsel in anti-trust, securities fraud and breach of fiduciary duty settings.  Read more →

Construction Litigation – Unfortunately, not all builders deliver what they promise.  Whether it is an unqualified sub-contractor or simply a builder looking to cut some costs by using inferior materials, construction mistakes can cause serious economic damage.  It is important to understand your rights and make sure that you get what you paid for as soon as possible.  Time is of the essence when it comes to protecting yourself against construction defects as failure to act in a timely manner can cause continuing economic losses.  Read more →

Contractual Disputes – At its essence, contract law involves giving the parties the benefit of their agreement.  Attolles Law is actively involved in both bringing and defending against breach of contract actions and can help ensure that you get all that you bargained for.  Attolles Law can also make sure that your agreement contains all necessary terms and protect you from any unwanted surprises. 

Covenants not to Compete – Whether you are an employer or an employee, it is important to know your rights under a restrictive covenant in an employment agreement.  A restraint that is too broad is likely unenforceable so employers need to know what they can reasonably expect to be enforced to protect their proprietary interest in customers and geographic areas of service.  Similarly, employees need to know whether any restraint in their employment agreement is likely to be enforced by a Court. Read more → 

Fiduciary Breaches – In certain contexts people of companies may owe a fiduciary duty to others.  That is a heightened standard which causes your interests to be paramount.  Attolles Law can help identify situations in which a fiduciary duty is owed to you and help you obtain recovery when that duty is breached. Read more →

Litigation Avoidance Strategies – The easiest way out of litigation which is expensive and often consumes financial and personnel resources is avoiding it in the first place. At Attolles Law, we advise our clients on how to minimize the risk of litigation so that they can spend their resources productively on running their business. Read more → 

Mediation – While Attolles Law is actively involved in assisting its clients in all phases of litigation, K. Scott Wagner also provides services as an independent third-party mediator to help clients of other counsel resolve their disputes without expending further resources on costly litigation. This allows the clients to spend their resources furthering their business interests rather than continuing to pay lawyers. 
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Public Sector Litigation – The firm assists its public sector clients on any litigation matters that arise. We have focused experience working with public entities with a deep knowledge and dedication to discretion and professionalism. Read more →

Securities Fraud – The Federal and State securities laws are designed to protect investors from misrepresentations and ensure transparency when it comes to your investment decisions.  We have significant experience in arbitration, litigation and class action forums protecting the rights of investors.  Whether in a retirement account or otherwise your investments are critical to your financial future and recourse is available if you have been exposed to an unscrupulous issuer or broker. Read more →

Shareholder Disputes (business divorces/buy-outs) – Attolles Law has significant experience handling business divorces- when the founders of the business no longer want to work together or want to pursue competitive interests.  Businesses are in many ways like marriages though not enough of the participants consider how they can exit the business when the time comes.  Regardless of the business entity, Attolles can help protect you if you are looking to leave the business or help protect the business if one of the investors or employees is attempting to leave to pursue other interests. Read more →