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A Mission to Serve

Attolles Law Firm is not a typical law firm with partners and associates siloed in a specific practice area. We are industry-focused — we serve schools, local governments, and communities. And we understand the unique intricacies and challenges that each of our client bases are impacted by. 

Our team is fully equipped to serve the needs of the specific school, county, or business we are working with. This team was carefully assembled to help problem solve and find solutions for the specific needs of our clients. 

Embracing Challenge. Delivering Opportunity.
We’re ready to serve you.


  • Jake A

    Jake E. Apostolu

  • Bennett J. Conrad

    Bennett J. Conard

  • Andrew J. Guzikowski

    Andrew J. Guzikowski

  • Sarah E. Hannemean

    Sarah E. Hanneman

  • Christine V. Hamiel

    Christine V. Hamiel

  • Kylie M. Owens

    Kylie M. Owens

  • Andrew T. Phillips

    Andrew T. Phillips

  • Rebecca J. Roeker

    Rebecca J. Roeker

  • Matthew J. Thome

    Matthew J. Thome

  • K. Scott Wagner

    K. Scott Wagner

  • Dan Unertl


  • I have worked with many members of the Attolles team for many years. When they let me know they were all coming together to form Attolles in January of 2022, I cannot express how excited I was for them, for me and my team, and for all of their clients. The Wisconsin Counties Association relies on Attolles to handle incredibly complex legal, legislative, and business issues and I know counties throughout the state do the same. What’s more, nobody understands the unique “quasi-government” world better than Attolles – they practically invented much of what we see in that space today. I truly enjoy working with the Attolles team and am proud of our affiliation.

    Mark D. O’Connell, President and CEO, Wisconsin Counties Association
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Proud to Serve Wisconsin Local Governments and Businesses