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What’s In A Name?

Our Mission to Serve You


Our name, Attolles (ah-tole-us) Law, derives from a combination of the Latin words attollo (meaning “to elevate or raise up”) and meles (meaning “badger”). In fact, our name doubles as our mission: using our talent to elevate our clients’ interests and create opportunity in the face of challenge. You will never question our entire team’s dedication to your interests and success.

With our mission in mind, we have put together a team of professionals that understand not only our clients’ legal concerns, but what will bring our clients success. We have deep roots in Wisconsin’s public and private sector and pride ourselves on being industry insiders with law degrees. Our passion for our clients and their industry interests translates to unmatched service. This is why our clients will tell you we’re “just different” than an ordinary law firm and why we smile broadly when we hear that sentiment.

Who We Are

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County Governments

County Governments

Counties are a cornerstone of what we do – there is no other firm in the state with the same level of dedication to county government.  For over 25 years, the attorneys at Attolles have worked with and for Wisconsin counties on their most challenging issues. As outside general counsel to the Wisconsin Counties Association, we are at the forefront of legislative, policy and legal issues that impact how counties conduct business. 

County Governments


Uniquely possessing a deep understanding of school district operations, board dynamics, and the inner workings of school districts, the Attolles Law team is singularly focused on providing solution-based guidance to our clients. For well over a decade, Attolles attorneys have guided school districts through difficult challenges and created client opportunity in times of unprecedented change. Drawing on our deep personal and professional experience, we partner with our school district clients to become the trusted resource when school districts either choose or are forced to change the way the business of education is conducted.    

County Governments

Quasi-Governmental Entities

A quasi-governmental entity resembles a traditional governmental entity, but does not precisely fit the traditional government mold.  As government has faced revenue shortfalls over the past two decades, we have seen the growth of quasi-governmental entities to perform functions that government may have historically performed. Attolles’ attorneys are innovators – when our government clients need to find efficiency and explore a “different way of doing things,” we are called upon to create the legal and organizational structure to deliver efficiency. 

County Governments

Business Owners

How do you select the right law firm for your business?  The wrong answer can lead to unfortunate results. You might consider your budget, personal preference, your business’ unique legal needs as well as the experience and cost-effectiveness of the counsel you choose.  While there are plenty of law firms out there, it is critical to find the right one which not only has the necessary experience but also values you as a client.

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Public Finance Industry

At Attolles Law, we offer a wide range of public finance services to meet the diverse needs of our clients. Our team is well-versed in municipal bonds (including tax-exempt conduit revenue bonds), tax increment financing (TIF), economic development incentives, and other key aspects of public finance. Whether you are a government entity, private organization, or individual seeking guidance, our attorneys have the knowledge and experience to provide comprehensive legal support.

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  • Jake A

    Jake E. Apostolu

  • Bennett J. Conrad

    Bennett J. Conard

  • Andrew Guzikowski

    Andrew J. Guzikowski

  • Christine V. Hamiel

    Christine V. Hamiel

  • Sarah E. Hannemean

    Sarah E. Hanneman

  • Kylie M. Owens

    Kylie M. Owens

  • Kirstin R. Mathers

    Kirstin R. Mathers

  • Andrew T. Phillips

    Andrew T. Phillips

  • Rebecca J. Roeker

    Rebecca J. Roeker

  • Jessica S. Solberg

    Jessica S. Solberg

  • Matthew J. Thome

    Matthew J. Thome

  • Dan Unertl

  • K. Scott Wagner

    K. Scott Wagner


  • I have worked with many members of the Attolles team for many years. When they let me know they were all coming together to form Attolles in January of 2022, I cannot express how excited I was for them, for me and my team, and for all of their clients. The Wisconsin Counties Association relies on Attolles to handle incredibly complex legal, legislative, and business issues and I know counties throughout the state do the same. What’s more, nobody understands the unique “quasi-government” world better than Attolles – they practically invented much of what we see in that space today. I truly enjoy working with the Attolles team and am proud of our affiliation.

    Mark D. O’Connell, President and CEO, Wisconsin Counties Association
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