We Understand Quasi-Governmental Entities

A quasi-governmental entity resembles a traditional governmental entity, but does not precisely fit the traditional government mold.  As government has faced revenue shortfalls over the past two decades, we have seen the growth of quasi-governmental entities to perform functions that government may have historically performed. Attolles’ attorneys are innovators – when our government clients need to find efficiency and explore a “different way of doing things,” we are called upon to create the legal and organizational structure to deliver efficiency.  Some examples of our work in establishing and working with quasi-governmental entities includes:  

  • Serving as outside general counsel for a nationwide conduit bond issuer created by Wisconsin local government and authorized by statute.  Our work began before our client even existed (we assisted in drafting the authorizing legislation) and we now assist in all aspects of our client’s work improving communities in Wisconsin and across the country.  
  • Working with county government to create the “commission model” nursing home.  When counties faced a funding crisis leading to the closure of several county-owned nursing homes, thus leaving a significant gap in the entire long term care system, we worked with our clients to draft an organizational model, seek an opinion from the Attorney General and draft legislation authorizing counties to collaborate in funding a regional center to care for nursing home eligible persons.   
  • Developing countless “P3” opportunities.  Many government entities have found opportunity to share funding responsibility and risk through a collaborative relationship with private entities.  The key to a successful P3 is a solid relationship between the public and private agencies and that relationship will be defined by a contract.  We have worked with many public agencies in the contractual relationship creating the P3 opportunity.  
  • Serving as outside general counsel to a trust comprised of dozens of Wisconsin governmental entities working together to provide health benefits to their employees.    
  • Serving as counsel to multi-county human services agencies.  
  • Multi-county collaborations relating to human services, water management and other services
  • Shared service agreements
  • Public-Private partnerships involving service delivery and capital projects
  • Creation and maintenance of independent public agencies formed to undertake a specific governmental purpose

An Innovative Model for Your Quasi-Government Needs

If you have spent any time with us, you know our passion lies in helping government provide vital services to the citizens in the most efficient manner possible. Sometimes, those services cannot be delivered under a traditional government model.  When government needs to innovate and find a more efficient model, we work with our clients on a quasi-governmental solution.