Providing guidance to the next generation is no small task. Schools in Wisconsin and across the country face unique challenges every single day. Students, teachers, board members, and other employees all deserve equal protection of their rights, but those rights can be limited in order to protect the interests of the school and its students. So, how can a school navigate the nuances of Wisconsin law?

 By retaining an attorney or law firm, a Wisconsin school can better protect its own rights as well as the rights of its students. Attorneys assist schools throughout daily operations, school board meetings, and delicate circumstances. There’s a long list of reasons a school might hire a law firm for representation, and you can learn more about how a firm like Atolles Law S.C. can help your school. 

wisconsin school lawyer

Why does a school need lawyers?

Schools can face the risk of legal action every day. Some prefer to run nearly every decision by their attorney to ensure the best results and protection for everyone involved. Others need expert advice when it’s time to update school policies, undergo district reorganization, or answer questions regarding employment law compliance. Laws and regulations vary from state to state and can even vary between different districts, so Wisconsin schools need a law firm familiar with local, state, and federal regulations. 

What does a school lawyer do?

Law firms that represent schools must be qualified in a variety of matters. Your school should have a team of lawyers well-versed in a variety of areas: student matters, governance and business, labor and employment, and litigation. For example, a school’s law team might:

  • Advise on matters regarding law and policy changes including school board policy, extracurricular codes of conduct, or transportation agreements
  • Handle public relations concerns
  • Assist the district in handling litigation or avoiding it altogether, depending on the situation
  • Advise the school on employment matters such as retirement benefits, employee policies, and termination
  • Support the school regarding Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)
  • Advise on student matters like expulsion, discipline, Title IX accommodations, and First Amendment rights
  • Advise the board on keeping compliant with laws regarding meetings and record keeping

As you can imagine, there are nearly countless reasons a school district might require legal representation.  A school lawyer’s main job is to allow the school to provide its students with the most high-quality education possible while maintaining a safe environment for all. Each school’s situation is unique, and having an attorney who can understand different perspectives leads to a more positive outcome. Working around the ever-changing world of education can be confusing, and that’s precisely where a qualified attorney is most helpful. 

Atolles Law, S.C. Knows School Law

Does your school need a law firm to rely on for a wide range of legal matters? At Atolles Law, S.C., our lawyers have over a decade of experience representing school districts across Wisconsin for all their legal needs. We help schools navigate challenges, changes, and difficult situations with the client’s interest in mind. Our team provides personalized services based on the level and type of support your school requires. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or to learn more about how we can provide school law services to your Wisconsin school.